We help companies & Business owners comfortably hit their revenue growth targets with the perfect mix of online presence, mobile outreach and sophisticated backend capabilities.


We have grown our business understanding and technology skills through our expertise in web development to mature into a fully qualified buyers undertaking the most challenging ecommerce projects. Among the sectors we play in are retail, travel & leisure, financial services, gaming, professional services, and many more.

Online Stores

We offer development of Online Stores, coupon and drop shipping websites for a variety of product types, including consumer goods, digital assets and media distribution, food ordering, business services and customer care.

B2C Marketplaces

We create SaaS-based multi-seller platforms with advanced marketplace functionality, including powerful advertising tools, easy product management, multi-lingual, multi-currency enablement, convenient order management, secure payment gateways, etc.

B2B Trading Networks

Flyte Solutions helps qualitatively transform interactions and transactions between businesses and their trading partners – suppliers, collaborators, subsidiaries, and large institutional customers – by delivering reliable and robust technology solutions.


Our technological expertise helps us resolve the most challenging tasks for online auction trade, including implementation of bidding systems, multiple auction type support, items configuration, voice and video streaming and real-time operations support.


E-procurement applications delivered by Flyte Solutions facilitate critical activities across all steps of the acquisition process, from sourcing (PRF, quotes, bidding) through contract lifecycle management to procure–to-pay processes.

Booking / Ticketing Platforms

Flyte Solutions is proficient at delivering secure, transactions-heavy and load-resistant booking and reservation applications with advanced functionality and smooth integration with 3rd party services.


Flyte Solutions develops leading-edge e-commerce solutions, be it full-featured systems or specific modules, and integrates them into the rest of your corporate infrastructure. Extensive experience in designing, developing and maintaining corporate management systems enable us to ensure most comprehensive support of your e-commerce driven business.

Looking to bridge the gap between in-store and digital experiences? Flyte Solutions helps companies build unique connected customer experiences to support business scenarios within hybrid multichannel approach. We enable conversion to digital across ordering and payments, order fulfillment, inventory visibility, point-of-sale implementation and delivery channels. We ensure a truly seamless experience across online and offline channels, on mobile devices and with social media.


Flyte Solutions helps companies hit their social & Mobile commerce strike and be the first to benefit from the traffic and sales generation opportunities the social media has to offer. We will enhance your e-commerce solutions with effective functional modules and features that dramatically shortenthe path to purchase, including:

  • ‘Buy Now’ Widgets
  • Crowdsourcing Enablement
  • Coupons and Sales Promotions Delivery
  • Multiplatform Compatibility
  • Superior Mobile UI/UX Design
  • Seamless Integration with Online Stores and 3rd Party Services
  • Online Discussions & Visual Sharing
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Loyalty Trends Monitoring
  • Location-based Targeting M-commerce
  • Optimized Mobile Checkout & Payment Processing
  • Standalone Mobile POS Solutions
  • Mobile Content Management


Our team focuses on interactive, highly functional tailored solution delivery in line with the agile development approach, short time to market and careful examination of your project objectives to offer a “one-fits-one” solution for new web stores or redesign & refactoring of existing ones.

On-the-fly Updates

We deliver scheduled and on-demand solution updates, functionality enhancements and visual design upgrades, all without interruption to your online operations, while 24/7 monitoring of your business-critical applications will safeguard you from lost sales and left customers at any support level your business may require.


Our software architects embed support for the growing number of visitors, user accounts, catalog records and transaction volumes at the architectural design phase. To assure smooth solution growth and expansion both vertically and horizontally, we focus on multi-tier application development and database modeling /optimization.

360⁰ Security

Our 360⁰ security approach encompasses software security consulting, PCI DSS pre-certification service and addressing data safety and credit card fraud protection issues early in the development process. For web and mobile projects, we ensure thorough compliance with OWASP good practices, patterns and ways of vulnerability elimination.


Flyte Solutions offers accelerated integration services, connecting web frontends to CMS solutions, payment gateways, enterprise management systems, middleware and ESB technology, tax calculation, shipping and logistics services, social networks, analytics platforms, and any other software required to satisfy even the most sophisticated ecommerce-driven needs.

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